This project “Design and development of weather monitoring flying machine” will be used for sensing the weather condition of the particular area by sending the flying robot to that particular location. Here in this Embedded System Final Year project the robot will be attached with sensors that are connected to the AVR based microcontroller through Analog to Digital Converter. That sensor information will be sent to the Personal computer through Zigbee based wireless communication.

TARGET DEVICE USED : ATtiny2313 (AVR) Microcontroller

PROGRAMMING : Embedded ‘C’ Programming language.

TOOLS REQUIRED: cvavr tool, uC flash programmer tool.

Features: sensing of the remote location weather condition without loss of human beings.

Block diagram Consists Of:

  1. Temperature sensor
  2. LDR
  3. ADC
  4. AVR Microcontroller
  5. Regulated Power supply
  6. Motor Driving IC
  7. Motor 1
  8. Motor 2
  9. Zigbee Transmitter
  10. Personal computer
  11. Voltage level converter
  12. Zigbee Receiver 

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Download Design and development of weather monitoring FLYING Machine (Abstract)