Project Title: MGNAREGA Development System

Description: This project majorly concern on development work which is happen in all over India. And keep track of all worker’s attendance and their payment calculation.

Technology Used: Android 1.0 (API Level – 8)

Tools Used:

Eclips Helios

SQLite Database


In our project we do not implement Web-Service Concepts.

So, In future our System can access through the remote location.

Tools and Technology:

  • Tools
    • Eclipse Helios
    • SQLite Database
  • Technology
    • Android 1.0 ( API Level -8)


  • It’s not possible to develop such successful application without planning.
  • In this way future is being seen in present. Planning is a continuous process.
  • Planning is needed everywhere because it is a first step of successful business.
  • At present there is Official website working who manage all the detail work about Mgnarega. The drawback about that website is they just entered detail about attendance which is already taken by some other user. As our project is on android mobile device so, every worker who is present at work site they can give their attendance. According to their attendance their exact amount count.
  • Also according to demand of employee, only those employee who is demanded for work only participate in work so no other random employee can participate in given work so that “every hand can work for 100 days” government scheme also maintain.
  • Our project planning is that we want every worker whose associate with Mgnarega they receive their exact amount of money. So in our project we do manage payment calculation of worker according to their presence and “every hand work for 100 days” government scheme also manage and only desirable person can get work whose demand is generated.

Project Definition:-

Our project definition is “Mgnarega (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act)” Development scheme based on android device.

Preliminary Investigation:-

  • We got an idea for this project from DDU’s Industrial Visit held at BISAC Gandhinagar.
  • Also for getting domain knowledge about this system we refer the official website of Mgnarega.

Selecting the project development Strategy:-

  • Object Oriented System development.

Develop Work Plan:

System Analysis 

  • Requirement Determination
  • Feasibility Study


  • This application is developed in Android operating system. So you need emulator which supports android operating system and android device.


  • The user should have knowledge of operating or using mobile device.
  • The applications support only English language so the user should know English language.


  • To use the application, user must have mobile device so user should afford it.
  • Requirement Specification



  1. This application manages the working development of Gujarat and keeps track of all work and work in progress from the remote location.
  2. Corruption regarding development becomes nil at worker level for salary perspectives.
  3. This document is meant to delineate the features of MGNAREGA Application, so as to serve as a guide to the developers on one hand and software validation document for the prospective client on the other


  1. Admin can add work, display work.
  2. Admin can add user into the system
  3. Admin can allocate different work to different places.
  4. Admin can add demand of employee.
  5. User(Sarpanch,nagarpalikachief,mayor) can login into our system
  6. User can do registration of job card.
  7. User also manage applicant.
  8. User can give information about work (work in progress).
  9. User can also manage offer employee.
  10. User can manage musters and take attendance of worker
  11. Admin can calculate payment.
  12. Board can see work development at their office
  13. Common man can also see government Development work at their various areas.

Environmental Characteristic 

Hardware :

  1. Android device


  1. Android OS
  2. Eclipse(API:2.2)

Goal of Implementation

  • Admin can login into system and then display and add work
  • Admin can add user into the system
  • Admin can allocate work to specific location
  • User can login into our system
  • User can do registration of the job card
  • User can manage the musters and take attendance of the worker.
  • Admin can calculate payment of worker.
  • User can add detail about work in progress
  • Board can login into the system and see the development of work which happens in Gujarat via Google map.
  • Common men can also see the development of work in specific location.

Functional Requirements

  1. Admin (Android Application):
    • Login
    • Change Password
    • Add user
    • Add/Display Work
    • Allocate work
    • Demand management
    • Payment calculation
    • Logout
  2. Users (Sarpanch/nagar palika chief/mayor)

(Android Application):

  • Login
  • Change password
  • Add detail about Work in progress
  • Offer worker
  • Job card registration
  • Manage musters and take attendance.
  1. Board (Android Application):
    • Login
    • See work detail and payment calculation.
    • See the Whole Gujarat Work Development
  2. Common men (Android Application)
  • See the Development work of particular Area.
  1. Behavioural description:

MGNAREGA Development System

System Design: 

  • Architectural
  • Activity Diagram

Use case Diagrams:

MGNAREGA Development System Activity Diagram

Sequence Diagram – Insert Work Allocation:

MGNAREGA Development System Provide Payment

Provide Payment Calculation:

MGNAREGA Development System Sequence Diagram

User Interface Design 

MGNAREGA Development System Use Case Diagram

Admin Home Screen & User Management:

MGNAREGA Development System User Interface Design

Work Management & Display Work:

MGNAREGA Development System Work Management

Muster Management

Panchayat Management
Sarpanch Home Screen
Panchayat Management
Work Management
Board Home Screen