Development of Institutional App using Android Studio

This project is aimed at developing an Android application for the institution. This is performed by using the Android studio. The main idea of this app is to overcome the time required to search for any information and also removes the delay in accessing any web page. It is more secure, portable, easily installed and used on any mobile phones supporting Android OS. Provides interface which is easy to understand by the users and greatly helps in adapting to the use of this application.

This Institutional App majorly consists of Student login, Parent login and updates from Training and Placement Officer. student login consists of student profile, notice board, events, request books. Parent login includes student profile, marks, and attendance. Training and Placement Officer is to manage the student information and also updates notifications regarding placements.


The main objective of developing this Institutional app is to support mobility and automation to the process of managing student information.


It is designed with respect to students and parents point of view

Existing System with Con’s

  • In the Existing System, all the information is either in hard file or website
  • Searching is too difficult
  • Not much secure
  • No login for parents

Proposed System with Pro’s

  • The proposed system is an android application
  • Easy to use
  • parents can view their wards academic details
  • secure
  • used for managing students details, marks, attendance, notifications, events.
  • Searching time will be less.


  • Administrator
  • Student
  • parent

Functional requirements:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Reset password
  • Administration
  • Logout

Software Requirements

  • Application Architecture – J2ME
  • database Application: Google Firebase
  • Project Type: Mobile Application
  • Designing Tool – Android Studio
  • Operating System – Android


This android app is an application which contains information regarding students details like attendance, marks, events from Training and Placement officer TPO. Also students marks and attendance available for parents in the parent portal. This information can be accessible from anywhere and anytime using an android device.

Home Page

Registration Page

Login Page

App Menu Items

Student Login Page

This Project developed by using the android studio and firebase.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m a beginner on developpement and benefit of your source could be great for me.
    Could you share a link to download your project ?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi,
    I’m Final Year Computer Science student working on a similar project which is a university app know as UNIHUB and if I benefit from your source could be great for me.
    Could you share a link to download your project ? please.
    Thanks in advance.

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