MBA Project Literature Review on Revving The Growth Engine India’s Automotive Industry

Vikas Sehgal (2009) acknowledged their different views and opinions on Indian automobile industry and specified that automobile industry is the major and significant economical source for Indian economy. Indian automobile industry is serving customers with two-wheeler and four wheeler services and offering different varieties of commercial and personal vehicles.

This article explains the comparison and economic ladder of Indian automobile companies and their cars by making use of statistical approaches. According to author views, this article explains the open opportunities offered to the automobile companies in Indian market.

Indian market is even popular for its challenges and many companies will face tough challenges in order to succeed in Indian market. According to this article, automobile companies are offering different varieties of cars with different features in order to get competitive advantages among competitors.

The information specified in this article should be developed further in order to give a clear idea on the actual competition and factors among Indian automobile companies.

The significant information on open opportunities offered in automobile industry is explained in this article which is the significant information related to research problem. 

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