MBA HR Project – A study on analyzing levels of Employee Satisfaction at Halcyon Technologies

Since this has been a start up company entering into second year, it wanted to check out levels of satisfaction before coming up with new policies to  take future course of actions.   I was given the task to understand the various aspects related to Employees satisfaction in the organization.             
Halcyon also wanted to make out an external survey in identifying the benefits other company offers to its Employees and compare those things along with the benefits offered by the company.
Organization also wanted to know Employees understanding of company’s mission and vision statement.
Company also wanted to check Employees satisfaction levels with their team leaders, with the Management and within the team members.                                  
Some of the secondary objectives that I identified were:

•    To measure Employees satisfaction on Compensation and Benefits.

•    To find out the expectations of Employees from Management.

•    To compare the desired satisfaction with the actual one.

•    To compare the satisfaction in different levels i.e. female and male Employees, juniors and seniors and within different teams.

Scope of the study

The MBA HR Project – A study on analyzing levels of Employee Satisfaction at Halcyon Technologies case study covers all levels of Employees and various aspects of Employees like: 
Identifying Employees attitudes towards various attributes at work place.   
This study gives us an insight of how Employees see and perceive about Organization.
Interpersonal relations,

Opportunities for career growth,

Compensation and benefits,

Training and development,

Working conditions,


These aspects were taken into consideration to measure Employee Satisfaction at Halcyon Technologies.

Dimensions of employee satisfaction survey are
1. The knowledge of the company vision/ mission and strategies of   employees?                                               

2. Satisfaction with HR Policies and Procedures

3. How confident is the employee about the Company’s ability to reach its              

4. Compensation and Benefits

5. Whether the company has made reasonable efforts to allow its   
Employees to balance their work and family?

6.  Work Environments

7. Opportunities for growth

8. Whether individuals are respected in this company.

9. About Training Need


These were certain limitations of my project if these limitations would have been taken care of project would have been catered to its need in a better way
•    Survey was conducted in 2 days due to which Employees did not get enough time to complete the survey properly.

•    Incidents happening at the time of the survey have affected it.

•    Employees thought that the questionnaire was too big and too specific.

•    Custom insight web portal has a limitation of giving analysis of 10 responses free of cost, so we could not get full fledge report of all the employees together and hence we thought of creating our own report using Ms-Excel.

•    Responses to open ended questions were not been given as the employees were reluctant in giving responses due, to which we could not decipher the exact opinion of the Employees for most of the questions. 
Due to the following limitations the desired objective for conducting Employee Satisfaction Survey was not achieved

Download MBA HR Final Year Project Report on “A study on analyzing levels of EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION At HALCYON TECHNOLOGIES”

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