Android Operating System a C++ Project

Android operating system project is a final year computer science project which is one of the best option for students to implement it as a final year project. As we know Google had entered in to mobile market with android, developing search for mobile operating system will be a challenging for students.This project is developed in C++ language.


Android operating system is developed based on Linux kernel. Java is used as a programming language for developing this software. Android will provide easy compiling using ARM native code although software is implemented  in any language. Google along with Open Handset Alliance had developed android system.Mobile search is implemented using C++ language.


By this project, a unique  search engine was presented for effective searching Of information through mobile interface. The engine adopts three methods for retrieval: two autonomous and one combination.

The ontology-based method makes use of the semantic mark-up metadata accompanying each collection where an illustrative user interface is used for graphical query formulation. The content-based method makes use of the low-level visual characteristics of the multimedia material while the hybrid method, which is the main contribution of this work, makes a combined use of the previous two methods for offering a more complete result set to the  user.

Easy access and portability of the system also helps to increase the performance of the system in a better manner.

Future work includes the extension of the hybrid search engine and the integration of additional cultural content. Finally we are investigating the addition of a semantic recommendation engine to be able to make additional query suggestions to the user in an automatic manner

Future Enhancements

Open handset Alliance is confident in reaching there goal by making android a top brand in market by implementing new features in to android phones. Present there are many users who are developing android apps for fill the gap. Intel in collaboration with Google to implement android notebook. So with these collaborations developing apps like search engine for android phone will be a good sign.

With the help of Fujitsu android is moving step forward by implementing android on embedded hardware, with this collaboration Google can move forward in to markets like GPS devices,Cellphones,Mobile internet devices and media players,notebooks and set top boxes.

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