Security is the thing which is required for everyone indefinite of their functioning and post. Growth in electronic has created possible to separate the security based on the requirements. The line-man functions under technological station or in area lines are revealed to great electricity and present atmosphere. Thus, it is important to add full-evidence protective and security functional system. The important aim behind this project is to develop the old automatic operation mechanism utilized to turn OFF and ON the voltage supplies used for the lines under diverse sections.

The automatic mechanism such as liver/control rod kind of actuation mechanism utilized for control lines should be taken place through electronics mechanisms including digitalized functional architecture. The project is modeled to mechanically control the complete electrical operation station in the authorized and mechanical operation system.

 This Line Man Security system Electronics And Communication Engineering Project would possess the modules. They are microcontroller based control system, PC based information transmission and control system, automatic load shedding accomplished through software based Graphical system, authenticated lines giving asses by software based password.

The software module has the growth of Graphical User Interface system to shift the line actuation, Graphical User Interface system for authentication of mechanical systems to secure from unauthenticated people, and growth of software algorithms and functional laws to do the intelligent events such as feed back loop testing and automatic load diffusing.


The Line Man Security system Electronics And Communication Engineering Project gives the productive and inexpensive method to manage the mechanism model to operate the function of diverse mechanical supply lines and giving the dedicated and accurate functional authorization to the lineman.

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