LCD Interfacing Using At89c51 Industrial Training at BSNL

The disapproving rates of the LCDs, capability to show the number, features, and graphics are in comparison with LEDs. These are ranged to numbers and some of the features.

In this present LCD Interfacing Using At89c51 Industrial Training at BSNL project, there are three important blocks. They are Power supply block, Controller block (AT89C51), and Display block. Power supply areas make use of IC7805, step down transformer, capacitor, and diodes for bridge rectifier. Controller block makes use of At89C51 controller IC which has four input output ports like P0-P3. This is the important section of LCD interfacing. Clock and Reset Circuit are made with the controller block. Display block makes use of 2-line and 16-character LCD including eight characters in one line.

LCD is utilized in airport, hospitals, railway station. It is also used in EPABX, telephone exchange, AC, refrigerator, software interface, and robotics. The circuit includes power supply, IC7805, bridge rectifier, capacitors, IC-7805, and controller section.

All the elements are connected by making use of circuit diagram. Now load the process in the controller IC, connect controller IC to the LCD, connect the 5V Dc supply to various parts of circuit, connect primary winding of the transformer to the code wire, switch on the power to provide the 230V AC to the transformer by making use of code wire, display message on LCD display, and turn OFF the power.


The LCD Interfacing Using At89c51 Industrial Training at BSNL project is concluded on the LCD interfacing. This is expensive than the seven segment LEDs. Inclusion of a prompting administrator into LCD, hence the CPU is revealed to sustain the displaying of information. Execution is easy for the features and graphics.

Download LCD Interfacing Using At89c51 Industrial Training at BSNL ECE Project Report

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