Aquarium Probe Electronics & Communication Engineering Project

In this project “Aquarium Probe Electronics & Communication Engineering Project”, one can supervise the temperature conditions as well as the amount of solvents. Not only this, the project scrutinizes the water density and maintains it to a certain limit.Aquariums are a pretty sight but a laborious process is to make sure that optimum conditions are provided to the fishes to survive. As such regular management of temperature conditions within the aquarium is dreary and equally monotonous is monitoring the level of water solvents that fishes require.

aquarium-probe-electronics-communication-engineering-projectA lot of environmental factors are responsible inclusive of light and temperature conditions that affect fishes. Temperature control is a very important parameter as fishes survive only within a limited range of temperatures. The optimum temperatures for survival of fishes are between 24°C and 33°C that even promotes spawning in fishes. Temperature rise due to sunlight might prove critical to fishes and so does the impurities present in the water.

The project Aquarium Probe Electronics & Communication Engineering Project uses thermistor s a sensor for measuring temperature. When there are changes in the measurement of temperature, the resistance of the thermistor also varies. This causes voltage to change as well. This voltage is sent as an input to the LM358. This possesses two comparators in it. One of them is used to study the upper cut-off level while the 2nd one is used for the lower cut-off level. One of the inputs is the thermistor voltage and the other input is reference voltage.

When the relay turns ON, the output of LM358 is high and drives the motor. The TSOP module is used to note the changes in light intensity passing through water. To produce the light required, the IR LED is used. The output voltage from TSOP module is amplified to the designated level via CA3140. This voltage is compared to the reference voltage.  Only if the comparator output is high, it drives the relay and turns ON the motor.


The project here depicts a system which can regulate the temperature conditions of water and keep it to an optimum level by suitable measures. Thus it can be implemented at large aquariums.

Download Aquarium Probe Electronics & Communication Engineering Project.

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