GSM FPRS Keypad Based ATM Security System BE Electronics Project

The primary aim of this project titled GSM FPRS Keypad Based ATM Security System BE Electronics Project is to develop an embedded system which will be useful for security systems. Only particular persons can have access to the security system and through the embedded system, proper authentication is provided via fingerprints mechanism. Data stored in the embedded system can be accessed through a PC.

gsm-fprs-keypad-based-atm-security-system-be-electronics-projectAn embedded system can be defined as the blend of computer hardware and software which is either fixed in memory or can be programmable. Operating systems which are used by embedded systems are embedded Java or Windows XP embedded. The embedded system is designed to perform specific tasks and hence can be further modified to meet the additional specifications thereby reducing overall cost.

The project GSM, FPRS keypad based ATM security will be employed to ensure security when transactions are done. When a person opens his/her account in a bank, then his fingerprint will be stored in the database. So when he goes to ATM for a transaction, the fingerprint module at the door will scan his fingerprints and a password to be entered. Once this is done a message will be sent to the account holder. He can immediately block his card in case a hacker is accessing his account.

The entire code for the embedded system in this project is written in C language. Embedded system is used in the microcontroller and the message transmission through GSM technology. Fingerprint module used is connected to the microcontroller and the password entered is through either keypad or mobile.


Today, all of us are enveloped by the embedded world. Almost all products are manufactured using embedded systems. The advantage of this project is that it is cost viable as well as offers automated operation. All hardware programs are integrated effectively with the inclusion of high advanced IC’s.

Download GSM FPRS Keypad Based ATM Security System BE Electronics Project.

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