Level of Involvement of the Employees towards the Production Strategies

Involvement of the employees towards the organizational strategies is really important to decide the fate of the strategies being developed and implemented across different units of the organization. Employee involvement against the production strategies initiated by the operational manager is analyzed in this section. When the question like, the level of involvement of the employees across the production strategies, one of the operational managers replied like “I occasionally involve the employees in the strategy development process” and from this statement it is clear that in most of the cases employees are not involved in the strategy development process and they are just fixed to be communicated with the strategies developed or changed by the management. There could be many reasons behind this like; the regular work done by the employees towards the targets should be affected by involving them in the strategy development process.

When the same question is asked to one of the operational manager, he replied that “We don’t involve the employees when developing a new strategy, but take their opinion when doing some changes to the existing strategy”. From this statement it is clear that, involvement of the employees is really important when there is a proposal to change the strategy implementation process, as they are the ultimate resources to make implement the proposed strategy in to implementation and also  The opinions of the employees is are really required while changing any existing production strategy, as their performance should be affected with the changed strategy.

Now when the operational managers are asked the a question like, do your employees understand the strategies implemented across the production unit, most of them responded like “Our employees can understand the strategies developed across the production unit, but we expect more queries and suggestions against these strategies”. From this statement it is clear that, even if the management strives a lot to involve the employees in understanding the strategies of the production unit, there is only partial involvement of the employees. and There could be many reasons behind this, and the most common among them as per the opinion of one of the operations manager is that “Maybe the employees are really busy with the targets rather than the strategies ”.  

From this statement it is clear that  the employees are fixed to the routine, target based work and may skip the importance of the strategies across the organization.  and It is the responsibility of the operational manger to make sure the employees are on same track with respect to understanding the production strategies. 

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