Opinion of employees towards basic outsourced HR activities

Research findings from opinion of employees 

As discussed in the research methodology chapter few employees are identified in the interview process and they are interviewed against their opinion and satisfaction levels across HR outsourcing and the key findings from the interview are provided in this section as below 

Opinion of employees towards basic outsourced HR activities 

Gathering the opinion of employees towards the basic HR activities and considering their feedback is really important to estimate the impact of HR outsourcing on employee performance and in this context few employees are interviewed and their views are provided in this section.

When the employees are asked regarding their knowledge levels on bank HR activities most of them replied like they are aware of the HR operations and the organization and HR outsourcing vendor will update each and every HR aspect with them in the meetings. From their opinion it is clear that the bank is successful in outsourcing all the core HR activities to the vendor and the vendor ensured that all the employees are aware of the current HR activities in the organization. In general employees may develop some type of negative attitude towards the HR outsourcing as they may feel discomfort to be controlled by a third party and in this context, when the employees were asked regarding their feelings towards this, most of the employees said that they never felt any difference in this aspects.

Few employees argued that outsourcing the HR to the third party may be a good practice but sometimes the vendor is not considering their requests. From this mixed opinion of the employees it is clear that always outsourcing the HR will may raise new issues from the employee side as their inner feeling towards the own organization and a third party would differ and to close this gap the vendor and organization should take the right measures all the time. When the employees are asked regarding the their satisfaction levels towards their satisfaction on training and development almost all the employees are happy with the training and development provided by the outsourcing vendor and also they said a detailed level of training is provided by the vendor. 

From this reply from the employees it is clear that most of the employees are satisfied with the training provided by the HR outsourcing vendor. When the employees are asked regarding the benefits they observed with the HR outsourcing few employee said that, they are given more attention towards training and welfare by the vendor and few employees said that they are benefited in terms of workplace issues and working hour’s management with HR outsourcing. From the replies from the employees it is clear that HR outsourcing provide an option to explore the employee issues at the peak levels and thus the overall performance of the organization and employees is improved a lot. 

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