IR Based Distance Measurement System


Aim of  IR Based Distance Measurement System project is to determine the distance  of an Object, using IR range finder sensor.


IR Range finder consists an IR LED and IR detector circuit, in which IR LED emits IR, pulses continuously when power up. If any obstacle is in between its path then pulses revert back and hit the IR detector. This detector directly gives voltage output. With respective to the distance of object the output voltage may vary linearly. 

          This IR Range finder Sensor is directly connected to microcontroller through ADC. If any obstacle is in between its line of sight then IR pulses coming from IR transmitter will reflect back at object and hit the IR detector. According to that it produce voltage output by calculating its time of flight. So that microcontroller determines the distance of object with respect to that voltage output coming from sensor. 


  • Micro controller
  • ADC converter
  • IR sensor
  • LCD display 


  • The functionality of all above components
  • Embedded c programming

download IR Based Distance Measurement System.

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