Implementation of RFID based system with the successful list of factors

Vendor selection

Experience trusts of vendor, work extents and calculations after installations are very important.

The vendor support is very important is said by project manager. Also told that it is the long-term partnership and it is not presently one-off support maintain for the installation. The vendor experience depends on RFID technology and the support is important for the project success.

Cost/benefits evaluation

The management is justifies and evaluate the cost and benefits of the RFID technology.

The project manager told that treat cost/ benefits analysis is as a “long term evaluation strategy” and the evaluation is considers by the management. 

The assistant project manager told, “Intangible benefits like creating the continuous improvement of culture are indirectly enhancing the value of business”.

Organizational motivation

To presents the RFID technology potential benefits and improvement with the emerging needs are adopt from the RFID based system.

The supervisor of factor define that Employees performance is better when the managers must motivate them and helping the employees to adopt. Moreover, use the technology of RFID to increase the productivity.

Support of Top management

It is required to provide the good information, resources and improves the supports of user. These are guide for the smooth implementation process.

Project manager told that” support of the senior manager is important for this project to get the moral support and also support of financial and other resources for the project implementation”.

User involvement

To understand the attitude and expectations of user and defines how these are use to implement the new technology, involve the users in the development and design process.

Staff capability and training

The RFID technology is well match for the regular training programs and capability of the staff to adopt the new system.

The vendor said, “training programs are conducting for improving the job competence and staff capability and some people don’t know about this new technology”.

Extent of progress supervision

Here investigates the how the new RFID technology is suited for the existing organization settings.

The supervisor of factory said that “the system and worker interacts are use to monitor the organization settings to get the extension and nature with the new system.

Compatibility of Structure, policy and operation process

The changes made in organizational structure, policies and operation process are lead to produce the higher business in the organization.

The production manager told,” The new RFID technology system can capture the information of real time production”.

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