Literature Review on CPU Memory

The major component   in the C P U is memory which stores the data .the C P U works based on this memory. Data storage in the memory is done in the form of bits using binary numeral system. Text, numbers, pictures, audio, and nearly any other form of information can be transformed into a series of bits, or binary digits, which contains a value 1 or 0.

The most common unit of storage is the byte, equal to 8 bits.  It acts as a memory for CPU  i.e. remains all things  for C P U  since the CPU needs information while it is processing it takes the data from this memory i.e.

Random access memory  it also advice’s c p u what to do or not to do  with the data  and they immediate results calculated by C P U is also stored in this memory  since it is random access memory it is stored temporarily when the system is switched of  the information is lost   this is one of the disadvantage  making C PU work useless  this can be  solved by  hard disc 

There are three types of memories available which is used by C P U they are

  • Primary storage (or main memory or internal memory)
  • Secondary storage
  • Tertiary storage

Primary storage (or main memory or internal memory)

It is also known as main memory, is the only one directly reachable to the CPU. The CPU constantly reads instructions saved there and executes them as required. Any data actively operated on is also stored there in uniform manner.

Secondary storage (also known as external memory or auxiliary storage),

It varies from primary storage in that it is not directly accessible by the CPU. The computer frequently uses its I/O channels to contact secondary storage and transfers the desired data using   primary storage. Secondary storage does not lose the data when the device is powered down—it is non-volatile. it is typically also two orders of magnitude less expensive than primary storage. Consequently, modern computer systems typically have two orders of magnitude more secondary storage than primary storage and data is kept for a longer time there.

Tertiary storage or tertiary memory,

This storage is different from other two storages and the third level storage is being offered by this storage. This storage includes the robotic mechanism and it is capable of including as well as removing the different types of the mass storage media to the devices of storage that is entirely based on the authorities and powers of the system rather than using it. This storage takes more time than that of the secondary storage and it is being used to archive the information that is already accessed. This storage process can be carried out without the support of the human and it can be utilized for the purpose of storing the huge quantity of data.

Hard disk

The computer‘s one of the major component is hard disc which stores all the data eternally and it is similar to that of the gramophone that is having the different types of the spindles and the different types of the circular disks are being maintained by this that is capable of managing and storing the data which is recorded. In order to reduce the magnetization which belong to the material the read and write will be utilized that is processed randomly.

One can save the data standard or you can erase it permanently or temporarily. This data is saved even after the computer is switched off and can get back the data once it switched on this have other disadvantages like the performance i.e. speed  and space more  the storing space less the performance since it needs to recollect all the data once it computer is switched on .after that also the  burden on C P U is more since it needs to process all the data therefore e every computer goes for temporary storage  to grow fast .based on the data importance  system  goes for  permanent storage i.e. hard disc.

Memory is specified as one important aspect and it is integrated with computer. Normally, various types are presented in existing memory and based on system particulars necessity they are installed. The computer is not anything but it is specified as box which won’t have any dependable memory type within it. Two different storage types are being owned by the memory of computer. One is named as volatile memory and other one is named as static memory. The first one, volatile memory is specified as RAM which is always maintained and to be refreshed. Static memory is considered as constant storage and this is to be maintained even computer or system is switched off.

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