E-Certificate Using RFID-Based Identification

E-certificate using RFID technology embedded system project explains about developing a efficient security application for citizens using RID card reader. This system can be used in certificates identities and other identification documents. This card is developed in embedded systems which consists of information about user. This card can be used in different fields by just swiping the card, information in card are compared with the data base details and if it is matched card is approved else permission will be rejected.


In existing trend researches are going on to use biometric identification methods with e-certifications. As technology usage is increasing in our daily life developing these type of projects will be helpful and secure. ICAO had developed standards for using bio metric identifiers for passport. Many international countries had implemented this technology but in this system there are chances of security issues so using RFID card system in this application can make it more standard and secure. 

download  E-Certificate Using RFID-Based Identification  Embedded system Abstract.

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