Image Processing CSE Project Report

Introduction to Image Processing Project:

It is fun for the youngsters to edit various images and perform number of operation on them and to change the look of the image. To do this they use various software’s available in market and are free for downloading. There are also many websites available which allows image editing or image processing. This document gives us a short description about Image Processing. Image processing is basically about performing various operations on the image such as brightening, we will also discuss various technologies used in image processing and its application.

            Image processing can be carried into two ways.

a.)    Optical Image processing:

Optical image processing is the one which is carried by using high definition optical lenses which we can call as Cameras with high definition lenses and optical zoom.

b.)    Electrical Image Processing:

Electrical Image Processing is the one which is carried in two ways.

a.)    Analog Processing:

Analog image processing is the one which is done with the help of electrical signals are altered and used to change the image.

b.)    Digital Processing:

Digital processing is the one which is carried put using the digital  computers.

            Some of the applications of the operating systems are.

a.)    Robotics.

b.)    Graphics and animations.

c.)    Medical field.

d.)    Satellite Imaging.

Let us go through the Index Terms used in Image Processing.

a.)    Image Restoration.

b.)    Color Image Processing:

c.)    Wavelets:

d.)    Compression:

e.)    Morphological Processing:

f.)     Image Segmentation:

Now we will go through the analysis of Image Processing.

a.)    Noise Reduction.

b.)    Convolution and Mask

c.)    Edge Detection

d.)    Image Data Reduction.

e.)    Real Time Image Processing.

Applications of Image Processing are as follows:

Image processing is widely is used in the field of Robotics, Medical, in Ultrasonic and X-Rays.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Image Processing:

Image Processing is widely used in the field of robotics and these robots captures images and help in many important things. Image processing is widely used in Geological Survey. It is also widely used to find out various minerals.

            Disadvantages of Image Processing are use of image processing requires a deep knowledge of this technology so a no-vice programmer cannot use it. The experts also need a deep knowledge of many other fields to develop application in this field.

Download  Image Processing CSE Project Report.

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