Human Detection by Live Body Sensor

HUMAN DETECTION BY LIVE BODY SENSOR projects main idea is to develop a application which can detect human body using sensors.This application can be mostly used in health care systems.

Working procedure : When a intruder is detected PIR sensor output increases which in turn is filtered to make sure that the increased output voltage is due to the human intruder.

  • This signal is amplified and converted to TTL logic 0-5v
  • Amplifier output is connected to the microcontroller, controller detects the transition from 0-5v as the presence of the human
    • Controller then activates the  siren (PWM driven from controller)


1. Micro controller

2. interfacing human heat detection Sensor                                                                        

3. Power Supply

8.BUZZER Indication

download Human Detection by Live Body Sensor project abstract.

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