Computer Science Seminar Topic on Body Sensor Networks with Report

Introduction to Computer Science Seminar Topic on Body Sensor Networks:

This paper discussed about a Body Sensor Networks, which are wireless sensor networks designed to operate in a pervasive manner for on-body applications.  Also discussed about the issues with wireless sensors like power optimization, radio design and battery life performance.


Generation of ‘hard data’ which shows clinical benefits and cost benefits and this data helps to promote the use of wireless sensor systems in healthcare applications.  But due to lack of ‘hard data’ in assisted living area many of the results reported are having lack of specific details. To demonstrate the automatic properties of sensor network there is a need of end-to-end pilots. In healthcare data must be secure and reliable. Body sensor networks are different from general wireless sensor networks based on its requirements.  The environment for body sensor networks is developed in a way that it can be used by non-technical users to quickly test prototype networks.

The designers of body sensor networks are facing many design challenges, out of which many were inversely related. The parameters need to be considered for designing these Body sensor networks are type and protocol used in wireless transmission, better power consumption, type of sensor device and operations, operation system and  security requirements

To achieve communications and to manage trusted data with much accuracy and authenticity there is a need of Reliable and Robust Body Sensor Networks.  From a wireless sensor mote Rene, wireless sensor operating systems are evolved.  ISO/IEEE 11073, IEEE P1451, Continua Alliance, IHE Initiative, Health Level 7 are the main standards which initiatives pertaining to body sensor networks.  There are many barriers which slowed down the adoption of body sensor networks which includes lack of reimbursement, privacy and security and broadband proliferation. Wireless body sensor networks are used in Tele medicine and tele monitoring.  Many organizations have conducted tests in the development of wearable body sensor technologies.  Researches are carried out to know more science aspects of body sensor networks.

 Download  Computer Science Seminar Report for Body Sensor Networks Topic .

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