Electro Mechanic Inverter Project Report

Electro Mechanic Inverter Project Report covers detailed explanation about project.Here we provide introduction to this  project.

The functioning of certain switching and control circuits requires AC power supply but they are supplied with DC current supply , so in order to convert dc to ac we use inverter. The conversion is obtained by using rotary converter or motor generator sets. Direct current is a unidirectional current and it is obtained by supplying rectifier with ac current. The movement of electric charge will be in reverse in ac current. In this paper we will discuss the circuit which converts the 12v dc to 230v ac. The waveform of ac will be sinusoidal signal , and this waveform can be modulated to carry information.

Circuit description and operation:

The circuit is built around IC1(cd4048) to which the input current is fed and it drives the output current to a step up transformer which  gives us the required 230v ac current. The 12v dc is connected to a LED so as know when the battery completely discharges the led does not glow. The IC acts as a astable multivibrator which operates around 50hz. Two mosfets are connected to pins of IC which acts push pull configuration. The input signal has many distortions which are suppressed by using a capacitor. By eliminating the distortions in the fed input signal is fed to the transformer where the alternating dc current in the primary winding produces ac current in the secondary winding. A rheostat is provided in the circuit to control the duty cycle.

Applications and future scope:

The inverted are being used in various appliances like ups ,variable frequency drives and in air conditioners. Depending upon the intended use of the inveterate certain advanced design patterns are approached. By introducing the thyristor or scr  a controlled rectifier inverters are developed.

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