Efficient Monitoring Algorithm For Fast News Alerts Project Report

Introduction to Efficient Monitoring Algorithm For Fast News Alerts Project:

Efficient monitoring algorithm for fast news alerts project explains about concept of improving RSS feeds quality by updating latest information to users in very less time. In present scenario there is fast increase of use of XML data for delivering on web. Every web site want to be in contact with their users by updating latest news that are posted on their site by using RSS feeds. As the RSS feeds starts growing web logs and search algorithms take reference of all these feeds and discover different RSS sources. In this project we explain about how to reduce resources used by RSS aggregation services. With this project we will provide a new method for RSS feeds which is different from existing RSS system.

By collecting different RSS feeds we analyze general characteristics of RSS system and by using proper resource allocation and scheduling we can improve performance.

For more information on this topic students can download project repot from below download link.

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efficent algorithm

 Download Efficient Monitoring Algorithm For Fast News Alerts Project Report  from this link.

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