ERP-HRMS Project Documentation and Source Code

Introduction to ERP-HRMS Project:

ERP-HRMS project is a human resource management system which is implemented in platform using MYSQL database. This project has been developed in replacement of existing manual system. This project mainly focuses on automation and customizing the existing ERP-HRMS module.

The different functionality provided by this module are as follows:

  1. It maintains employee details.
  2. Provides the functionality of submitting resume.
  3. Calculates overtime automatically based on login and logout time.
  4. Calculate and generate pay slips of employees.
  5. Prepare attendance sheet.
  6. Generate and maintain leave card of an employee.
  7. The project may consist of user classes:

Maintains details of the employee his basic pay. 

Department class

The class contains the departments of the organization. Each department has its own unique department id. 

Pay slip class

This class generates the pay slips of the employees based on different parameters like his attendance, leaves, deductions and allowances. 

Resume class

The main aim of using this class is to able the user to enter the resume details and when he submits the form it stores the details in the database for later viewing. 

Login class
            The class displays the login screen and after validates the login id with the password in the database. The class also maintains the working hours of each employee and will enable to calculate both attendance and also overtime of employees.

 Download ERP-HRMS Project Documentation and Source Code  from this link.

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