ECE Project Report on Autonomous Robots

Introduction to Autonomous Robots ECE Project:

Autonomous is the word which clearly tells that it works on its own without any guidance. Autonomous Robots are those which work independently without any particular tasks or any kind of human guidance. Most of the robots works with some extent of autonomy and these are of various kinds some robots can be of autonomy to some extent and some completely.

The strength and the extent of autonomy is based on the work or task that the robot has to be done for example if a robot has to clean a floor or lawn it some one kind of autonomy and the robots which work in space has one kind of autonomy all these are based on the place in which they work. For any kind of robot the exact work and the kind of work and the place in which it has to work must be determined before as this can be unpredictable.

The most important thing in the research of robotics is they have to enable based on the environment it has work as working on the land and in space has many variations. A complete independent robot has a capability of gathering information regarding the environment and also has the capability of working without human intervention for longer period and also can move its parts or some parts without human guidance.

The autonomous robots are designed in a way that they can avoid situations which are harmful to itself or others. The autonomous robots gains novel abilities such as adjusting the strategies based on the surrounding situation and also for completing its tasks. This paper deals with the autonomous foraging which is an apprehension among the social anthropology, human behavioral ecology and also the robotics artificial life and intelligence.     

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