Why Use Biometrics Systems

Why Use Biometrics? 

There are lot of advantage in using the biometric based applications. These are used to identify and authenticate many people for most secure gateways. It identifies a persona in many unsafe and preliminary conditions and recognizes you as you. Many important object like tokens, Id cards, ATM cards can be lost or being theft. Most secured identities like the passwords which can be easily forgotten and even in some cases they can be loosed or stolen across the network by different types of hackers around the internet.

           Now-a-days the most high end e-commerce and electronic world is making the end users to remember their personal identification proofs like passwords. These high secured requirements are also posing to create multiple passwords and authentication metrics like ATM pins, Personal authentication templates. Apart from all these authentication formats, now-a-days biometric based applications came in to the technical world for providing the end users a more secured and sophisticated methodologies for authentication process across the secured systems. 

Every biometric system has it’s own advantage and disadvantages and in ideal case there is no perfect biometric identification system. The main usage and success of any biometric system depends on it’s unique features that can not be compared with few others and it’s user friendliness. The process being followed by any biometric system should be quick and easy to implement the features provided it, such as having a picture taken by a video camera, speaking into a microphone, or touching a fingerprint scanner. Below figure shows a typical biometric applications

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