Department Announcement System ECE Project Abstract


In most of the institutes, announcements are coming under the major problem. A universal announcement by speakers is mostly deployed in most of the institutes, but there are cases when the announcement needs to be done for a particular classroom or for a particular person.

In that case such a universal system will NOT be a helpful. One resolution of this problem most of the institutes adopt is deploying one universal system and separate system for each room and then place people to handle the entire control system.

Though this resolves many issues, but it increases the cost of the entire control unit when you have to be dependent on human resources. Automation is one of the most thriving today’s technology through which many organizations are cutting costs on Human Resources and utilizing human resources in more innovative and productive works.

So here for this issue also we have come up with automating the entire process of announcement where a pre-recorded voice will be played for every announcement in the institutes.

Block Diagram:

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