E-Buy Spy .Net Project Code & Report

The Abstract of the Project:

This help in managing the orders and user requests properly for the website administrator, and it also provides an opportunity to the user of the site to act as customer in the process of purchasing the products in order list, the customers can visit and purchase products anytime and any place through online the customers can also compliant and send request/gives regarding services needed for the purchased products.

The objective of the project:

The project is intended to achieve the following objectives

  • The user information files can be stored in a centralized database which can be maintained by the system.
  • This can give the good security of user information because data is not on the client machine.
  • Authentication is provided for this application only registered users can access.
  • This system provides the facility for the customers to pay their electricity bills online.
  • With this system, we can purchase through online.
  • Customers have the facility to send their claims and send feedback to the administrator from his home if he has an internet connection.

Future Enhancement:

  • In this project, we are providing a limited number of sites. In future, we would like to place some more Products on the site.
  • In the future, we also providing Search engine, for to  search the sites
  • Provide the consultancy centers
  • Mainly a special Price will be provided for frequently visited users.

Output Results:

  • Homepage

This is the home page of the system. This leads to various pages where the users can meet their requirements. It consists of a menu bar with different menus.Each of them has a set of similar operations grouped together.By clicking on any of them, User can carry out the operation.

  • About US page

This page can view any user without any registration they can Know about The site details without any registration

  • Contact Us page

This page can show the details of the site holder’s numbers and branches details can provide

  • FAQ page

This page is directly contacted by the administration without any registration. Any user can ask their doubts on this page and answer will get from the admin.

  • Registration page

The above screen is for creating an account for the user. This is the initial step for entry into the website.

  • Login page

This page is used to enter into website after giving user id and password

  • Welcome page

After Entering the site the first page of the Customer

  • Spy Products page

In this the Spy Products are available and the customer can purchase the products as shown on the above page. Customer can Purchase and reserve the Products at a time

  • Billing page

This page shows the bill information of Products which The Customer is ready the Purchase. In this Customer need to Enter the Credit card details.

  • Report page

In this page, the Report of Products which are Purchased by the Customer that information will generate after purchasing the Products

  • Personal Shopping list page

If the Customer already Purchase the products the Product details will Store and Display in this page and the Customer no need to Search again and again for the Products if the Product is already purchased

  • Reserve page

In this Page, the Customer view the Products, Which are not Purchased

  • Feed Back page

In this Page, the customer can give the feedback about the products.

  • Products list page

This Page belongs to the Admin. Admin can update and delete the product details and the all product details are display here

  • Products Uploading page

This Page is used to upload the Products

  • Customer page

This page is used to show the details of the customers

  • Pending page

This page show the details of Pending Product details

  • Feedback page

This page shows the feedback and FAQ of the customers, admin can give the reply for the FAQ from this Page.

  • Dispatch page

This page shows the Customers Purchase Product details.

  • Branches page

This page shows the Branch details

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