Data Transmission Through Laser With Password Project Report

Introduction to Data Transmission Through Laser With Password:

At present there are various techniques which are being successfully used for transmission of data. The data transmission techniques employ RF , FM signals for transmission of data. Now we are going to look into data transmission by using lasers. The user can see the information on the lcd when he enters the password. By using lasers for transmission, higher data rates are available with lower error rate which is advantageous over RF signals.

Working process:

A transmitter unit and receiver unit are constructed for transmission and reception purpose. The data to be sent is  inserted on the transmitter unit from the input source. The inserted data is assigned with an address code and the switches are used for the selection of the address codes. The data is transmitted in the form of infrared rays. The photodiode in the receiver unit converts the received data into electrical signal. The microcontroller receives the electrical data and get it placed in the internal registers, when the users enters the password it displays the data by the process of decryption.

Limitations and applications:

Due to environment changes the disturbances can occur in the message signal by which the quality of the output decreases. The main problem with lasers is the beam dispersion can occur due to external factors. In order to overcome these problems most advanced powerful lasers are to be employed.

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