CSE Seminar Idea on Three Topics That Continue To Be Misunderstood By The Wireless World

The wireless communication technology is the leading one among all other technologies. The three wireless technologies are GSM, CDMA, and 3G. Between these three technologies CDMA vs. GSM and “What is 3G?” comes into conflict. The link among CDMA vs. GSM and 3G is discussed in this paper. Before the 3G technology there are two technologies namely AMPS and 2G in the market.

The AMPS is nothing but 1G and the Digital Cellular is named as 2G. In the present days some technologies have considered into 2G or 2.5G technology. One among them is GSM/GPRS. The 2G phones had developed in the early 90’s. The big conflict is that in the consumer’s point of view GSM, CDMA, 3G are three different technologies. The main intention of our paper is to solve this conflict. 

            For consumer a digital mobile phone means in the sense it is the phone which is Compaq in size and better battery backup along with multimedia features etc., but the main thing is that CDMA technology is differ from GSM technology. The applications used to develop CDMA technology are differ from the technology used to develop GSM technology. The consumer must not think like “What is 3G?” He can ask “What can 3G can do for everyone?” the GSM technology is the 2nd generation technology with some multimedia features.

The CDMA is also wireless technology that differs from GSM. The competition is running in between CDMA and GSM not in between CDMA, GSM, and 3G. 3G technology also comes under the GSM technology which has some additional features. The original name of 3G technology is 3GSM. It means the 3G technology is the third generation GSM technology which have video calling feature. Therefore, this paper will show the clear answer for the conflict about “CDMA vs. GSM” and “What is 3G?” This paper will show the clear wireless world.

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