CSE Project Idea on Digital Multimedia with Report

Introduction to Digital Multimedia Project: 

Digital multimedia has been created in order to provide data via the internet which is bulky in nature but at the same time can be easily edited and modified over the internet. The aim of digital multimedia is to provide data with no errors in them; often the data is sent without any kind of interference. But, the thing that troubles in regard to digital media is that, data from the world of digital media can be copied indiscriminately; there is no loss in content and quality experienced in the process. This is what the copyright owners have to fight against. 

One solution against such piracy problems is watermarking. What is done in this process is that digital data in the form of information like the name of the owner of the site, access level, recipient, are embedded which are not visible in the host multimedia data. This feature provides a more solid defense even if the watermark can be detected; in this case destroying the hidden data becomes more challenging and is more difficult. 

Another thing which can be done is steganography, which hides a hidden message in the multimedia data and is used as a means of communication between two groups, who are aware of the exchange. With the help of this method, data can be encrypted in the various bits of cover file, like an audio or a graphic file. However this is not very full proof, as it can be susceptible to attacks, as the encryption makes the data exposed to destruction. 

What the project looks forward to do is try and provide a tutorial for beginners on steganography, that will largely focus on teaching how to embed within digital images the text data. Not much is known about this topic and it aims to bring familiarity on this topic to everyone.

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