Employee Pay Processing Project Report with Source Code

Introduction to Employee Pay Processing Project:

It is extremely essential for an organization that has numerous employees working for it to have a tab of their attendance, for the very primary reason of payment. It helps the organization to determine the pay of the employees, once data regarding their attendance has been collected.

This processing system does just that, keeping a record of employees’ attendance and then calculating their salaries. The system is not very high-tech and contains basic visuals with oracle. Thus, when an employee has questions regarding his pay, the processing system has the power to produce an invoice and the employee will be provided with his pay details that has already been determined, processed and stored by the processing system. The objective can be stated as to provide information about the employees’ salary. 

The reason behind the development of this processing system is to try and remove any kind of managerial problems related to payments of the employees. This software is very user friendly and is provided with attractive graphics, and user interface while at the same time providing a secure database just like oracle. With such a software being developed, it minimized the pressure faced by the clerks during the pay days, and they can perform their work smoothly without any kind of hassle. 

Along with the above mentioned benefits in an organization, this processing system has the capacity to work in a networking environment since it facilitates both oracle and visual basics. One of the best features of this processing software is that multiple terminals can be used at the same time when feeding the system application forms or other information regarding the employees. So, basically, one can state that installation of this employee pay processing software is a good investment for any organization that already has computers in the long haul. 

Download  Employee Pay Processing Project Report with Source Code.

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