Introduction to PPT Presentation on Smart Dust Technology :

A smart Dust is a small gadget which has very special and extra facilities which is often called as the Micro electro mechanical sensors. This is the synthesis of sensing, computing, communication through wireless service, large power supply and many more. This is used to monitor the current world abnormality without updating the original process. It is very small in size and also very low weight. It is very critical to track the appearances of the Smart Dust and it is very difficult to get the question solved.

The architecture of the smart dust is a semiconductor diode and the beam mirrors are used for functioning visual transmissions. A reflector named as MEM is used for passive visual transmissions. An optical receiver is used as a source of the output, sensory devices, signals which are used to process the control circuits. A power factor depended on batteries and solar cells.

The applications of the Smart Dust are Environmental protections which are used to identify the survey of pollutions. Habitat monitoring which is used to observe the emotions of the animals in their daily day. Military applications which is used to monitor the activities in the some areas. Indoor or Outdoor for the environment monitoring.  

Security and tracking system are the main devices in the Smart Dust. Health as well as wealth monitor for the whole human body. Process management, Structure monitoring, traffic system, information’s about the planets and tracking the dangerous disease like the cancer are some other applications of Smart Dust.

The problems raised here are that it is very hard to install all the mechanisms in a small smart dust by the matter of size as well as by the matter of energy too. As these gadget is micro the batteries are little heavy in weight. The design and mechanism of the Smart Dust is very critical and very confusing.

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