Computerized Paper Evolution Using Neural Network Seminar Report

Introduction to   Computerized Paper Evolution Using Neural Network Seminar Topic:

The traditional evaluation system involves students writing the answers for the questions given in the question paper. These questions are usually given by concerned lectures belonging to their  group  or  to that subject .The evaluator uses key paper to correct the answer sheets written by the students. But this traditional evaluation gets affected certain factors like presentation of the answers, partiality towards pet students etc.

Even the evaluator may not allocate right amount of time as the number of papers to correct are more in number. And a very little freedom is given to the students to express their ideas  .However this  type of evaluation consumes much time to evaluate the answers .The risk in the  traditionally evaluation system are overcome  in the computerized paper evolution system project.

The project is completely based on the adaptive real time learning through computers .The students answers  the questions  asked by the computer in a restricted manner and the answers are evaluated instantaneously. The computer  is  connected to a server called knowledge server which is in turn connected to other authenticated servers that contain valid information of various subjects required for the evaluating the  answers.

The computer paper evaluation system provides a strong platform for the effective distant education programs, competitive exams, the student also gets a chance to express his views without any restrictions etc. There is no doubt that the computer based evaluation is going make a remarkably change in the current educational system. 

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