City Guide Android Application

Project title: CITY GUIDE


City Guide is an Android application by which an individual can access through all the information related to city providing the details of Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist places, Movie theaters, providing functionalities like Geo location, navigation and reviews.

Existing system:

Most of the Existing systems are web sites and they do not provide navigation facility.

Most of the existing systems are topic based and they provide only the specific details of only that information.


  1. An Individual cannot access to the information from the mobile and it is not very flexible.
  2. To search about the city an individual have to move through various web sites to gather all the different information.

Proposed system:

The proposed system has the functionalities of navigation, geo location and all in one City guide.


  • More flexible and can be accessed if the mobile has an internet.
  • All in one information in a single application.


The City Guide  Android project aims for the user satisfaction in searching about the city and providing more flexibility to the user.


  • Search Management
  • Reviews

User Registration: This module describes about the registration process of the users in the system.

  • Functionality:
  1. In user registration User will register by providing their basic details like email id, user name, mobile number, Qualification.
  2. After entering all the details, if registration is successful the user can login in to his account else user will not be entered.
  3. User can login in to his account by giving the user name and password.
  4. User can View and Update their Profile information like mobile number, email id, qualification.
  5. If User forgot the password, it is easy to recover by mail id/mobile number.
  • Provisioning:
  1. User details:
    • user_name
    • Email_id
    • Password
    • phone_number
    • Dob
    • Gender
    • Registration_date
  • Alerts:
  • Implicit Alerts:
  1. Alert on Registration successful.
  2. Alert on Registration fail.
  3. Login fail
  4. Or Validation alerts.
  • Explicit Alerts:
  1. A notification will be sent to the users regarding login credentials when they forgets their password/user id
  • Queries:
  1. How many number of users registered?
  2. What are the qualifications available to choose?
  • Reports:
  1. A pictorial representation of number of users registered over a period of time?
  2. A pictorial representation of number of users registered based on gender?

Search Management:

            This module describes about the user’s search management about the information.

  • Functionality:
  1. In Search Management users will search the information regarding to their interests such as hotels, restaurants, events, tourist places, movie theatres,etc.
  2. User can search and even can see the geo-location of the area.
  3. Users can even check the route map from specified location using navigation facility.
  • Provisioning:
  1. City details
  • City_id
  • City_name
  1. Place categories
  • Category_id
  • Category_name
  1. Place details
  • Place _id
  • Place _name
  • Place _image
  • Place _address
  • Alerts:
  • Implicit Alerts:
  1. Please select at least one city.
  2. Please select at least one category.
  3. Please select at least one Item.
  • Queries:
  1. What is the number of categories available?
  • Report:
  1. A pictorial representation of number of posts in different categories.
  2. A pictorial representation of number of post posted over a period of time.

Review Management:

This module describes the opinion of users on a particular place, movie theaters, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants etc,


  1. User can give their opinion about posts.


  1. Review:
  • Review_id
  • Review
  1. Comment:
  • Comment_id
  • Comment
  • Alerts:

@implicit Alert:

  1. Alert on the arrival of each review.
  2. Alert on the each comment.
  • Queries:
  1. What are the comments to that post?
  2. What are the reviews to that searched information?
  • Reports:
  1. A pictorial representation of number of users involved in reviews over a period of time.
  2. A pictorial representation of number of discussions in the different categories over a period of time.

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