City Bus Management Android Application

 Project Title : City Bus Management


  • This is an android application used to find out the bus number from one place to another place.
  • User need to give the details of source and destination.
  • Accordingly it will display the details of the bus number which is going in that route.
  • It is a time saving application to user.
  • User can easily get the information of the bus number of a particular route.
  • In this way a user will be free of confusion about the buses.
  • It will also be very helpful for those people who are new to the city.

City Bus Management Activity Diagram


In the cities, especially  in India buses are major form of transportation.  So by this app we can get the information required for reaching to the desired destination. We select  the source and destination  and after  pressing  the  submit  button we get the  bus   number   of the  bus  we have to travel  . Thus this application has its importance in the city travelling.

City Bus Management Home Page


Existing system:

There are some bus route finders and bus number finding  systems in the internet these days But these require  internet  connectivity for the working of the application. This is somewhat money consuming. Also if the net is slow the process is also slow. And  if the net  connectivityis weak  then the process of finding the busses will also be difficult. To overcome the above problems we have developed our particular   project which will work without internet.

City Bus Management Place Details

Proposed System:

CityBusManagement applicationthat wehave developedwill workwithout internet connectivity. This is the  major advantage  thisparticular applicationwe have developed our  project t has  a database of  its own which makes it independent of  internet,and  it displays the bus numbers  on its own.  This makes finding  of the  bus numbers easy, fast and  efficient .

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  1. Please can you help me out with the source file by sending it to my gmail Sir. And thanks for considering with my humble request. Nice job.

  2. Hey, can you help me for my final year project. Pls send me some source code for this project so I can get some idea.

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