The Boiler Efficiency and Cooling Tower Efficiency Mechanical Final Year Project Report describes the boiler which is a surrounded vessel which offers a means of combustion heat that passes into water to form steam or hot water. The heated water is utilized to pass the heat under pressure to a process. Water is an inexpensive and useful means to pass heat into a process.

 When water is heated to form steam, it volume grows to 1,600 times to form force which is explosive like a gunpowder. The boiler is very dangerous equipment which should be handled with extreme care. The method of heating a liquid before it gets the form of gas which is known as evaporation.

 Heat passes from one state to other state through the medium of radiation like air or water. The heating surface is the portion of the boiler metal including water and combustion hot gases. The boiler metal provides to form steam is heating surface. The heating surface is calculated in the form of square meters. The heating surface is efficient with its greatest surface.

The working of the boiler is accomplished by water walls, furnace, boiler drum, economiser, super heaters, reheater, draft system, down comers, and control valves. Steam generator is wet bottom, radiant reheat, single drum, natural circulation, tilting burners, direct corner fired, top type boiler, and balanced draft.


The Boiler Efficiency and Cooling Tower Efficiency project concludes on the boiler which is the vital portion of thermal power plant. The Power Plant of Jojobera is the water tube boiler which functions on Rankine Cycle. The method of boiling and steam is the job of the boiler.

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