Radial Piston Engine Mechanical Final Student Project

Radial piston engine:

                     The Radial Piston Engine Mechanical Final Student Mechanical Project is a type of an internal combustion engine. In this system, the cylinders point away from the central crankshaft like the spokes of a wheel. This kind of arrangement is employed in aircraft engines before the arrival of turbo shaft and turbojet engines and is kind if reciprocating engine.

              The cylinders that are connected to the crankshaft are arranged in the form of a master-and-articulating-rod assembly. In this one cylinder is directly attached to the crankshaft whilst the other cylinders have their connecting rods attached to rings surrounding the master rod.


       A piston in general terms is defined as a sliding plug that is closely fit into the cylinder’s bore. Its main function is to vary the volume occupied by the cylinder or in other words, exert a force on fluid inside the cylinder. The two-stroke and the four-stroke cycles are two ways that piston engine makes power. The two-stroke engine generates power in every crankshaft revolution while a four-stroke engine generates power in alternate revolutions. Two-stroke engines produce more pollution and are smaller than four-stroke engines.

Piston ring:

           Piston ring is an open end ring that fits into the groove of the outer diameter of piston of an engine of the internal combustion type. The piston rings have 3 main functions to perform. Firstly they seal the combustion chamber; secondly it supports the heat transfer from the piston of the engine to the cylinder wall. Thirdly it regulated the motor oil consumption.

        There is compression up to a few thousands of an inch in the gap of the piston ring when inside the cylinder. The majority of piston rings have 3 rings i.e. compression rings and oil control rings. Compression rings are employed for compression sealing while the oil control ring is uses to regulate the supply of oil to the liner responsible for lubrication.

Download Radial Piston Engine Mechanical Final Student Project Report and Documentation.

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