Advanced Wireless Security System Project Report


Advanced Wireless Security System Project model is to provide security at different locations thru wireless network. By using this technology we can detect the natural calamities like floods , earthquakes and accidents and bomb blasts occurred can rescued on time. This is an effective system for providing security at various places. The sensors present at various places detect the changes in the environment and sends the information to the control unit.

Construction and working:

We use transmitter unit for transmitting the sensed information, and the receiver unit or the control unit processes the received information. A 89C52 microcontroller is used for monitoring the components. The sensed information from sensors is given to the micro controller and encoder encodes it onto the RF transmitter antenna. At the receiver the decoder decodes the received information to detect the location. A LCD is used in the receiver unit to see the messages. By using the address codes we can know the exact location on the map. RF modules are used for transmission as these signals are free from interference.


This type of systems are very useful for detecting the natural calamities so that we so that we save some lives. These also detect the accidents occurred and we can know the location so that we can save the people met with the accident. This type of systems is very useful for detecting the disasters in the nature.

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  1. An effective alarm systems is a key component in any home security set up, as it deters unauthorized intrusion into a residential or commercial area and is a proven method in crime prevention.Nowadays alarm systems used should have capability to withstand a sledge hammer attack because robber/thieves are clever.

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