A REAL TIME PRECRASH VEHICLE DETECTION SYSTEM (ABSTRACT) With the growth of vehicles in large number and with the same Narrow size road it is very difficult for the driver to drive a vehicle safely without a crash on the road. If for a small fraction of time if a vehicle driven has missed his attention then it will result in crash of vehicle with front vehicle even if the vehicle is in small speed or no speed. In congested traffic sometimes a vehicle owner get frosted and he cant keep watch on vehicle in slow moving traffic. In such a situation this pre crash vehicle detection system proved to be a excellent system from preventing a crash.

Today many sensors are available for detection of pre crash between vehicles. We are using IR sensor system for detecting pre crash between vehicles. In our proposed system we are using a Infrared transmitter and infrared receiver combination system which is attached to a ARM based microcontroller board. A buzzer is also attached to a microcontroller based embedded board. The IR sensor system continuously sends signals and monitors any car or other obstacles are in front of car. The distance up to which IR sensor can work may be up to 1 meter. When any obstacle or vehicle detected by IR sensor system it will send signal to the ARM based embedded board. ARM based embedded board after receiving this signal send a signal to the Buzzer system which will work immediately. Vehicle drive can control his vehicle as per this buzzer signal when the vehicle is at 1 meter distance away from the front vehicle.

Programming Language: Embedded ‘C’ Programming Language

TOOLS: Keil tool, Flash magic tool.

TARGET DEVICE: LPC2148(ARM7)Microcontroller.

APPLICATIONS: Real time system to track the assets.

ADVANTAGES: Low price device, No Manual interaction,     Less Power consumption, secure & Reliable.