Autonomous Vehicle with Obstacle Detection

Project Title: Autonomous Vehicle with Obstacle Detection

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Prepared work-in-progress presentations and final presentation to report project status to HOD.
  • Complete evaluation/documentation/feedback forms at the end of the project.

 Software’s used:  Keils

Project Description:

       Autonomous vehicle with obstacle detection is a robotic based embedded project. A vehicle is moving on the road, whenever obstacle is came in front of the vehicle then the vehicle will stop and it goes back after  rotate it another direction and move forward direction. . The obstacle is detects the IR sensor, and give the sensor output to the input of microcontroller. It controls the vehicle directions based on the embedded C program which dumped in ROM. The microcontroller is handling the vehicle motor by using H-Bridge technique.

Application of Autonomous vehicle with obstacle detection:

  • In Mines for detecting obstacles in the way and helpful to find a path.
  • These robots are also used in space applications.
  • This project is helpful for finding obstacles for the vehicle in other planets .so that they can move freely and capture the surroundings. Eg: like in mars.
  •  In Autonomous Vehicle with Obstacle Detection project The developer has done program and designing of hardware.

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