3G Mobile Networks and Architecture Seminar Report

Introduction to 3G Mobile Networks and Architecture Seminar:

This paper gives us detailed description about 3G third generation. We all are habitual to use the fast connecting internet services. Our first preference is always the fast and the best service provider with a good 3G plan. Now we must have heard a lot about 3G. let us learn about 3G from this paper.3G provides us faster internet access. It provides us fastest speed of downloading and uploading and image or video. Fastest speed for browsing through various websites. It display the request data on you browser in just fragment of seconds. We will now have a look at the elements and interface of this system. Now lets us have a look at how the 3G Network is divided.


This is the core elements in 3G Networks. This constitutes of two domains. Mainly circuit switched and packet switched. Circuit switched handles circuit switch connections in the network. Packet switch takes care of the packets sent in the network. Lets us learn in more detail about core Network.

a.)    The Mobile Switching Network: 

b.)    Visitor Location Register:

c.)    Home Location Register:

d.)   Authentication Center:

e.)    Gateway MSC:

f.)     Serving GPRS Support Node:

g.)    Gateway GPRS Support Node:

Now let us have look at UMTS terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN) this is a new network being designed so that it can connect to the core network with IU Interface and the EU Equipment user. UTRAN consist of following things.

A.)    Radio controllers.

B.)    Base Stations:

C.)    Radio Network Controller.

So far in the documentation we have seen about the 3G Networks and about its elements and Interfaces and now let us know about the advantages and Disadvantages of 3G.


a.)    3G is compatible with GSM network architecture.

b.)    3G is more secure than any other services and trust worthy for data transfer and exchange,

c.)    It is able to manage and handle all customer parameters.

d.)   There is no need for assistance for operating 3G.

e.)    It supports key agreement during authentication.

f.)     3G service can be operated anywhere around and world and also provide standard security features for roaming.

Download  3G Mobile Networks and Architecture Seminar Report.

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