World News on Click Android application

A leading newspaper is grappling with their present android based mobile application which was not providing a good user-friendly environment for their users wherein they could not easily interact with its users and also it intend in increasing its readership . It decided to enable their users an agile environment where news could be read with low internet speed. The user can also view videos and share them on the social networking sites.

World News on Click provides the user a dynamic environment where the news gets updated every 45 seconds, this news can be shared , messaged and tweeted online with the help of social networking sited like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail .The most popular news will be decided depending upon the number of votes secured by it from the  users.

World News on Click Android application

1.1 Purpose

The main purpose of the World News on Click is to provide an mobile application for users of the news readers. The application provides online tools in graphic to make the usage much easier. A program interface that takes advantage of the  mobile graphics to make the program easier to use. Well-designed graphical user interfaces can free the user from erroneous news provided over the internet.

1.1.1 Advantages:

  • World News on Click provides detailed information about current world news.
  • By this World News on Click usage of paper is reduced because everything is electronic in form.
  • It reduces the cost occurred or payed to the material newspapers.
  • The application uses Graphical interface where the users can use the mobile very easily.
  • GUI provides an efficient way to collect information from the newspaper site and display information for the user to read.

1.2 Scope

1.2.1 Existing System with Limitations:

Most of the existing systems are clumsy and are not user-friendly.The application is simple yet very dynamically updated in terms of news.

1.2.2 Proposed System Features:

  • The android application provides online tools in graphic to make the usage much easier.
  • In the new system the users can vote for the most reliable news , thereby reducing discrepancy.
  • The new system works with low internet speed.


2.1. Software requirement Specification

  • HTML5
  • Mobile Jquery
  • Java Script,  JDBC
  • Eclipse Juno(Application Server)
  • Mysql
  • Windows 7


The reasons for implementing this system are that, this is totally electronic network with convenient modules. This system developed for the rapid mobilization of news which are in the hand. A GUI tool would be the best thing to implement as it is more users friendly and must to people who have used a mobile have used mobile application in some form or other wise most will not have used a web interface. This is a best mobile based application read the news using mobile.

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