Wireless Energy Transmitter with Tariff System ECE and EEE Project Report

For transmitting data to the use we use wired transmission lines which is affected by various factors. The proposed system is based on wireless communication along with a tariff system. This is a microcontroller based design which transmits the data to the consumer and records the amount of data which is used for billing.

For transferring the data between the transmitter and to the consumer we use radio frequency signals. in this paper we will see how the circuit is designed and how the data is transmitted to different users.

Brief on working:

In this design we find a transmitter section present at the administrator and individual receivers are provided to the consumers. We use frequency shift keying technique which can abruptly change the carrier signal based on the phase keying.

By using this we can transmit to users with different frequencies on a specified bandwidth. We use a FSK modulator in the transmitter for modulating the carrier signal and it is transmitted by RF transmitter.

The transmitted signal is received at the receiver antenna and it is demodulated by a FSK demodulator present in the receiver device. An 89C51 microcontroller is used which has a 40 pin package which is used for monitoring the components by giving respective signals.

The microcontroller is connected to the PC by using a RS232 cable which converts the serial data into digital data. In the PC the data which is transmitted to each user is stored. We use an LCD in the transmitter section which displays the information on the signals which are sent.


This is most efficient method for transmitting data to the users when compared to that of conventional wired transmission line method. We can transmit data to the users even when there is heavy rainfall or fog, but in wired methods the signal gets weak when rainfall occurs.

It is very difficult to find the problems occurred in wired lines whereas in wireless method we don’t get problems and if they occur they can be easily modified by checking the transmitter section.

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