Web E-Market for buy/sell luxury goods

• luxury goods such as a watch, jewelry, bag, How to make sure it is not a fake product.
• Buyer, Seller, Review, feedback, check, payment.

Overview of project:

Needs an E-Market website where sellers can keep their products.

The scope of this E-Market project is only luxury goods.(bags and watches) or any 2 products.

Firstly buyers and sellers should fill a registration form to get access to our website.

After registration, they can log in from next time. (both buyers and sellers)
You can once go through https://www.shopify.com/ this website.This is only for sellers in our case.
We should be able to identify a product is fake or not.

We want a similar E-Market website like Amazon but only related to luxury goods.

We are acting as a middleware.

We should be able to identify fake products, fake sellers, fake buyers.

Once a seller wants to keep this product on our website he needs to fill a registration form, it should have certain credentials by which we need to identify he is fake or not.After filling of the registration we the seller should only keep a product which is a luxury and not small products.

The products which are kept by the seller should also be not fake.

Seller has the freedom to edit the content posted by him on our website.

Buyer should be given assurance that the product is unique and not fake. Payment can be done through PayPal.

Refer about shipping from SRS.

In this website, we need categories for men and women and under that, we need only bags and watches and nothing else…when the order is placed it should redirect to the payment.

Under the registration with the seller, we need an agreement form which makes sure that the product which they place is not fake.

and needs a database to store all the details of the seller and the product.

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