Java Based Web Application Development & Execution Setup – Struts Tutorial

Java based web application development & execution setup:- 

1) Web server is required to manage & execute web resource programs dynamically and automatically without having any human being support when they are requested by clients. (Browser windows).
2) Based on the place where the web resource programs of web application execute there are two types of web resource programs.

  1. Client side web resource program: comes to browser window from web server for execution.

Example: – html program, JavaScript program, Ajax program.

  1. Server side web resource program: Executes in the web server

Example: – Servelt program, JSP program.

Note: – Decide whether web resource program is client side program or server side program based on the place where it executes not based on the place where it resides.

Java web application development model

  1. Model-I architecture use only servlet/only jsp as server side programs to develop the web application.
  2. Model-II architecture(MVC architecture), This Model divided in to two types 1) MVC 1 architecture, 2) MVC2 architecture
  • While developing MVC1, MVC2 architecture based web application we take the support of multiple technologies in multiple layers of the web application. 
  • MVC2 is industry defecto architecture to develop java based web application architecture gives plan and flow of execution to the programmer to develop the applications.

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Java Based Web Application Development & Execution Setup – Struts Tutorial - Download Free project Source code, Project Report Documentation, PPT and Guidance