Digital Watermarking Documentation

Introduction to Digital Watermarking Seminar Topic:

Today as the technology is increasing the use of art, pictures, videos, music and the textual document is also increasing into the world.Through the increasing technology the use of the digital technology is also increases and the use of digital watermark is also increases in which we insert pattern in the document and that are not easy to copy so the risk of priority is reduced. This watermark can be used for authenticating the person and the owner of the company.

This is type of digital signal and this digital can be anything like image, audio clip, video clip and the document. This is the technology to embedded many useful information in the object in digital type and t his is done to protect the information from other person and the internet. The most example of digital watermark is bank note which has different transparency when light is dropped on it.

The digital watermarking is done in such a way that it is not visible and not audible to anyone.

Purpose: – There are many purposes for developing this type of technology in which the main purpose is the copyright through which the owner can identify her product and for its protection. This will authenticate the security and the quality of the work. The owner can keep track of the product with the tracking device and prevent the illegal use of the product. This can be used to identify changes that are made to product.

Application: – It has much application and this can be used for various purposes they are authentication that identifies the content. Another is broadcasting monitor next is copy prevention which prevents the delicacy of the product. Another is tracking used for tracking the content and last one is E-commerce which allow user to purchase the content from anywhere.

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