Virtual Classroom Project

Virtual Classroom is a web application, which consists of three sets of users: Student, Staff and Administrator. Every student has to perform a one-time registration and login, in order to use the system. The student is allowed to perform the following actions after logging in:

1) Search and Download Articles Uploaded by Staff.
2) Post Doubts in any subject to the subject-experts.
3) View the replies to their doubts made by the staff.
4) Rate the replies to their doubts as per their satisfaction level.
5) Change Password of the account
6) Personalize the theme for his account
7) Take examination.
8) Play Games

The staff has to apply for the membership by registering on the system and can be a part of the system only if admin approves the request. The admin can also reject the request. After a staff request is approved by admin he can login, to use the system. While registration the staff’s specialization is obtained from him. Those specializations are sorted out for the students as Doubt-Subject for posting doubts. The corresponding staff will get the doubt in the inbox.

The staff can answer the doubts of the student and the student is notified when the doubt is answered by the staff. The staff can upload articles to the system. The articles can be browsed or searched and be downloaded by the student by using the search tags given by the staff. The staff is allowed to perform the following actions after logging in:

1) Upload articles and learning material.
2) View doubts posted by the student for his subjects.
3) Reply to the doubts posted by the student.
4) Change Password of the account
5) Prepare examinations for the students
6) Add words to the Games for students

Administrator has the over-all controller of the system.

The administrator is allowed to :

1) View the student and staff details registered in the system.
2) Accept or reject a staff request.
3) View the answered and un-answered doubts.
4) Update student or staff profile.
4) View the files uploaded by the staff.
5) Generate performance report for students and staff.

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  1. I don’t need the source code of this project but can u please provide me with the project report and synopsis of this project?

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