Implementation of Data Ware House Approach in Tourism Management System

Title of my Project:Implementation of Data Ware House Approach in Tourism Management System

Aim of my Final Project:To design and implement tourism database management by using data warehouse approach to take decision.

Objectives of my Final Project:

  • To identify current challenges faced by tourism management system.
  • To analyse data warehouse concepts in implementation of tourism database management.
  • To select suitable methodology in implementation of tourism management system.
  • To design database and dimensional model for tourism management system.
  • To implement tourism management system using the concept of data warehouse
  • To test the system, to make decision.
  • To specify a data model for the system using appropriate tools

Specification of my Final Product:

To create different login-admin and user login. The admin login grants the admin access to all the pages. The admin login will allow for update, edit, and delete of various information.

To create forms and report using the data warehouse approach. Various report will be created using the data warehouse approach in meeting the requirement.

To create map to determine tourism centres in a city. Every tourism centre is located in a city, so the map will provide various tourism centres for tourist.

The user login only grants the user specific page(s). For security reasons only a certainpage(s) is apportioned to the users for view.

Chart will be created to show certain report e.g tourism location.

Drop down list will be created, to give a brief detail about the various values.

3 Replies to “Implementation of Data Ware House Approach in Tourism Management System”

  1. Can you specify which technology, language etc. are used in this project ?
    Link JEE(servlet/jsp), Javascript are use or not?

    1. Hi
      I am Mounika
      I am doing project Tourism management system using JEE(Servlet/jsp), JavaScript.
      Please help me
      Send me full details of the project

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