Vehicle Rental Service Management System Project

Problem Description:

Vehicle Rental Service Management System is a project that provides unique benefits to the customers to rent a vehicle as their heart desires and gives an opportunity for crowdsourcing to provide a vehicle for rent. Whether renting a vehicle for a vacation or business enterprise, Vehicle Rental Service has a wide range of sports, luxury, and hybrid vehicles to meet every vehicle rental need. Moto of the company is to provide hassle-free check-in and check-out time to satisfy the needs of the customer and make the ride delightful.

Vehicle Rental Service has a unique benefit of crowdsourcing the vehicles to rent; connecting people who want to rent a vehicle and people who provide a vehicle for rent. Vehicle Rental Service thrives on customer satisfaction and building a long-term relationship with the customer and guarantees the best price in the market by reducing the intermediaries. Relational database besides storing database also helps track customer reservations, date reserved, types of vehicles available, and the location of the vehicle.

Database Tables:

The database consists of 9 tables that are closely related to each other and contain crucial information for the business of the Vehicle Rental Service, all the tables provide easy to manage inventory and transaction details for Vehicle Rental Service. The integrated database enables the execution of the dynamic query and provides optimization.

Customer Table

Customers are central to the business and our business transactions. This table contains all important information about the customer such as customer name, contact details, and address information. The customer id consists of six alphanumeric codes. The first two digits will be the first two letters of the customer’s last name, the next two digits will be the month of the date of birth and the last two digits will be the first two digits of the license number.

vehicle Details

The vehicle details table beacons on the information and type of the vehicle. Each vehicle is given an identification number as Vehicle_ID which will be the primary key for the table. A key is a 4 number that is auto-generated. vehicle details provide a wide range of options for the customer to pick from.

Booking Details Table

As the name indicates, this table consists of booking details of the service and comprises all the important booking information such as vehicle identification number, the rate associated with the vehicle_id, and pick up time and return time mapped to a customer identification number.


One of the critical table involving financials, the payment table consist of a unique primary identification number as a transaction id and identifies each transaction. The attribute card type is used to determine which type of card the customer uses to make a payment.


Gives the tariffs for various options to rent a vehicle, Rates are aligned with business strategy to provide the best price for the customers and for the clients who provide their vehicle on rent, the rates are provided on the daily basis and prices are strategized to provide a competitive edge to the customers to rent a vehicle and at the same time help vehicle owners. 


This table gives available options for the customers to choose from while booking a vehicle. The availability table reflects the product line and product depth of Vehicle Rental Service, in general, the availability table gives information about the details of the vehicle and the time slot and duration as to how long a particular vehicle is available.


A long-term relationship with the customer leads to the success of the firm, a feedback table is essential for the growth of the business and to provide impeccable service quality. The feedback table consists of a primary key which is a foreign key referencing from the booking table. This table helps capture all overall ratings of the service and facility to provide additional suggestions and comments for the customers.

vehicle Owners

The fundamental concept of the Vehicle Rental Service business model is to facilitate vehicle Owners to rent their vehicles and provide an opportunity to the customers who want to rent a vehicle. Vehicle Rental Service bridges the needs wants, and desires of the customers.


The location table is an essential table to track the city and state details for all the transactions and payment details. 

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