Adaptive Reliable Multipath Provisioning In Survivable WDM Mesh Networks

Wavelength Division multiplexing shortened to WDM means placing large number of optical carrier signals which possess a unique wavelength on a single fiber cable. The project “Adaptive Reliable Multipath Provisioning In Survivable WDM Mesh Networks” implements this WDM principle and provides an adaptive and flexible multipath provisioning.

adaptive-reliable-multipath-provisioning-in-survivable-wdm-mesh-networksThere are lots of advantages as to why WDM is used. Firstly it offers a high bandwidth which allows a wide range of signals to pass. Errors are minimal as there is an extremely low error rate. Also, another advantage is its low rate of signal attenuation. It is also a very secure way in mesh networks.

Project Description:

The project “Adaptive reliable multipath provisioning in survivable WDM mesh networks” requires two basic parameters for its connection in a typical fashion. The first parameter is a protection mechanism for network failures. And secondly, resourceful utilization of bandwidth of the system. It should also be capable of surviving in the existing network.

To meet these requirements, the VCAT (virtual concatenation) is used to break the bandwidth into individual payload at source end while providing concatenated payload at destination mode. The LCAS (Link Capacity Adjustment scheme) is defined as a protocol for dynamic addition or removal of VCAT members. It also provides the capability of temporary removal of member links which have experienced failure.


This project is thus successful providing an efficient availability of connections for multipath provisioning. The provision in the network is dynamic in nature and assures guarantee for a host of differentiated services in the mesh network. There is also backup re-provisioning used to correct the effect of multiple link failures in Wavelength Division multiplexing networks. It also provides survivable virtual mode of concatenation for data transmission over SONET/SDH in optical transport networks. For reducing the differential delay caused in Ethernet-over-SONET, it provides an optimal path selection.

Download Adaptive Reliable Multipath Provisioning In Survivable WDM Mesh Networks ECE & EEE B Tech/ BE Final Project Report and Document.

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