Unique Identification Authority Of India CSE Seminar Report

Introduction to Unique Identification Authority Of India CSE Seminar Topic:

Unique identification authority of India is government agency that performs the work to provide national identity card in India. The main aim of UIDAI is to provide unique number to the citizen of India but it not like smart card. This provide database of the citizen in a simple biometrics form. The first chairman of this agency is the co-chairman of the Infosys Company. It is named as AADHAAR which means support. This program was launched in tribal villages and was inaugurated by the prime minister.

Goals: – It will help to find out the number of citizen and help to run many poverty rescue program. It also helps to stop the terrorist attack in India. This card will help the government to link all the information of the person in the same database such as driving lenience number, voter ID card, bank account number and passport in the same database. The cost for this project is 150,000 cores.

Risk:- The UIDAI depends on the biometric identification the guarantee that only one person have the one database and therefore it faces risk suppose the biometrics are failed. In December 2010 the report, in which AADHAAR was failed and the single person have many records in the database do UIDAI.

AADHAAR is a 12 digit unique number which is issued by government of India for all the citizen of India.  This number will be stored in the database along with the ten fingerprints and iris of every citizen. This card will accepted in all over India.

Process to get ADHAAR card: – to get an AADHAR card the person have to go the nearest camp for registration along with same important document. And after the person have to do same formalities. After that person will get card in 30 days.

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